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Car Parking and Entrances

Parking is available at all times at the University’s North-East Carpark off Pritchatts Road. The current parking fee is a staggered tariff between the hours of 9.30am – 4.30pm, dependent upon your length of stay:

0-1 hours         £2
1-3 hours         £3
3-5 hours         £4
5-8 hours         £6

Outside of these times, parking is free.

During evenings and at weekends, free parking is also available in the car parks and bays around the Barber Institute, accessible via the University’s East Gate (off Edgbaston Park Road).
There are two parking bays for disabled visitors adjacent to the Barber Institute building: one close to the main, front entrance and one in the service yard at the rear. Access to the main entrance is via a flight of stone steps with a central handrail. Access to the rear entrance for visitors in a wheelchair is via a basement door, which provides level access into the building.

Access into the Building

The reception desk at the main entrance is manned at all times and staff will assist visitors who need help with the steps or entrance doors. The rear entrance is not manned and visitors with a wheelchair are asked to contact the reception desk via the intercom at the gates to the service yard. Staff will then meet visitors at the rear entrance and escort them via the basement to the main reception area and/or the galleries.

Inside the Building

The reception desk, shop and refreshments area are located on the ground floor at the main entrance. The concert hall, lecture theatre and fine art and music libraries are also located on the ground floor and are easily accessible from the main entrance.

The galleries are on the first floor and can be reached via a curving flight of marble steps at the end of the main entrance foyer, or via a lift. These steps have a handrail, but this does not extend for the full flight and, therefore, visitors with mobility problems are advised to use the lift.

There is also a wheelchair available for visitors who need help getting around the building.


Our shop sells a wide variety of items – from pocket-money souvenirs for children to high-quality designer leather goods. We also a range of collection- and exhibition-related books, postcards, greeting cards and gifts suitable for all pockets.


Hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, cakes and confectionery, including a fantastic range of Fairtrade items, are available.


The lift provides access to all floors within the building and, for security reasons, is staff-operated. Visitors wishing to use the lift should seek assistance from staff at the reception desk or in the galleries.


There are toilets on the ground floor, close to the main entrance. There is an accessible or adapted toilet on the first floor, in a secure area close to the lift. Visitors wishing to use the accessible toilet, as with the lift, should seek assistance from staff at the reception desk or in the galleries.


There is seating in three of the four main picture galleries and portable stools are also available at the first-floor gallery entrance. There are two wheelchair spaces available in the concert hall and one in the lecture theatre. Visitors wishing to reserve these spaces should contact staff at the reception desk, either in advance (0121 414 3080) or on the day. Please note that spaces are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you have any questions about access arrangements or would like help in planning your visit, please contact the reception desk on 0121 414 3080.


Photography is not permitted in the galleries, unless formally agreed in advance.

Photographs of all paintings, works of art and coins are available for purchase. Please contact the Collections Assistant on 0121 414 7350 or

If you have a particular requirement to take photographs in the galleries, written permission must be granted in advance of your visit from one of the following members of staff:

Academic research: Robert Wenley, Head of Collections and Learning (Deputy Director),
Coins: Eurydice Georganteli, Curator of Coins,
Educational groups: Alex Jolly, Learning and Access Assistant,
Press and media: Andrew Davies, Press and Marketing Officer,

Please bring your confirmation email with you on the day of your visit and report to the Barber reception desk, where you will be asked to complete a Photography Permission Form, valid for that day only. Please present this form to the Security Officers on duty in the galleries before taking photographs.

Please allow at least seven days for your request to be processed. Flash photography is not permitted in any circumstances.